• Hong Kong Style Curry Beef Brisket (港式咖哩牛腩) Three Ways

    Every culture has their own unique way to cook and appreciate curry. In Hong Kong, curry beef brisket is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the best way to enjoy curry. Believe it or not, we could trace the 'footprint' of curry dishes as part of Hong Kong's history as early as the early 20-30s, when the dish was first introduced to the locals upon their arrival as part of the British forces in Hong Kong. Gradually, curry dishes esp. curry beef brisket (咖哩牛腩) has been widely introduced to the local and becomes one of the must-eat dishes in Hong Kong. 

  • Air Fryer Chinese New Year Snacks Recipe

    Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Besides of earning red pockets (Lai See 利是), we love to celebrate this important occasion with our families and friends over food with different kinds of cakes (e.g. turnip cake or Lo Bak Go 蘿蔔糕), candies, savouries, snacks, etc. Calvin (@clai_eats) and I have decided to make a trip to Shau Kei Wan Market and do some Chinese New Year shopping, as well as buying some ingredients to make some easy and irresistible snacks with the use of air fryer. 

  • Hong Kong Claypot Rice Recipe: Hong Kong-Style Cooking Method with Italian Ingredients

    Claypot Rice (Bao Zai Fan or 煲仔飯) is a popular Cantonese dinner dish that is often enjoyed during the wintertime.  It is also one of the stable dishes that people often would enjoy when visiting in Hong Kong - just as how it is named, the dish is traditionally cooked in a claypot on charcoal stoves, with ingredients like Chinese preserved meat like Lap Cheong, fresh meats, seafood and vegetables. That said, you can literally add any ingredients into the claypot rice! 
    To show our appreciation in such delicate yet versatile dinner dish, @clai_eats and I have come together to spice things up a little by demonstrating the cooking of claypot rice in traditional cooking method, with several Italian and western ingredients we've found from Mercato Gourmet by Giando, an Italian supermarket place located in Hong Kong where you can access high-quality seasonal produce that are sourced and imported directly from small family farms and producers in Italy.
    With ingredients like Italian dried porcini, guanciale, salsiccia, truffle oil, we would demonstrate how you can still easily master this hearty dinner dish and reach the ultimate goal of having burnt rice crisp as the "finale" of this hearty enjoyment. 


  • How to make fail proof stuffed bagel or classic bagel(Beetroot, Parmesan with salted egg yolk).

    I have always been fascinated by these stuffed bagels on IG. After much research, I use this classic bagel recipe to create this hybrid of a stuffed bagel. Not only is this stuffed with cheese, I gave it some color by adding beetroot juice instead of plain water. This recipe is versatile and I can change the liquid content to create flavourful and beautiful bagels . You can make a classic plain or add any toppings to it or even stuff with your favourite filling. I would love to see what your combination is.
  • Spinach Whole Wheat Bagel

    In honour of my Michigan State University roots, I have created this New York Style Spinach bagel recipe for a special Alumni Zoom bake event.  However this recipe can be easily converted into a plain bagel with different toppings of your choice.  By simply replacing the liquid with water, you can make a classic chewy new york style bagel.  This recipe is fail proof and super simple to make and you will be delighted with the outcome of this bagel that you will never buy frozen bagels again. 
  • Go Green Go White Matcha Lava Cookie

    To be one with my Michigan State University roots, I created this Matcha Lava cookie to give it a Go Green! spirit.  A warm chewy cookie with a lava marshmallow center makes this cookie both decadent and irresistible.  Go State!
  • Bitter Melon 4 Ways

    Bitter Melon is traditionally a Chinese vegetable, I seldom buy bitter melon because I don't really know how to handle it.  This week I came across these organic version from Magic Season Organic and it totally blow my mind.  It makes a huge difference with the taste of the vegetable when it is grown by whole hearted organic farmers.  Farm land from Qing Yuan, China with 18 years of experience, Alvin and his family grow some amazing delicious sweet vegetables.  With these nice veggies, I am determine to do some research to find some fun ways to handle this very Chinese ingredient with a western twist. 

  • Macadamia nut crusted Jeju Pork Chop

    I have been eating mostly chicken during the week and beef seems a bit heavy, why not pork chop for a nice dinner for two.  I know some of you are often intimidate by these thick pork chop and not sure what to do with it.  Here is my interpretation of a crusted pork chop that requires only one pan with minimal effort.  The buttery combo of Macadamia nut with these thick juicy pork chop along with a sweet pineapple chutney is just what I call a simple but impressive date night dinner.

  • Pork Belly Crusted with Potato Chips

    I had a bunch of kids over for a sleepover and I am determined to feed them something different than the usual chicken nuggets and pizza. Using Jeju Korean hormone free, free range organic pork belly along with Torres Iberico Ham potato chips, it was gourmet to the max and super well received with the kids. Of course you can do this recipe with chicken or even with spicy chips. I love this combo and the kids totally buy into the idea of potato chips crusted anything. Well, I like it as an adult too, late night snack anyone? I hope you like this recipe, I certainly had fun making it.

  • Black Truffles Potato Chips Spanish Omelette (Tortilla Española)

    My friend Wendy inspired me to make this Spanish omelette using potato chips. When I looked it up, it was so easy and it cuts off many steps from a traditional Tortilla Española recipe. I love super simple recipe and my kids will for sure enjoy the snack. Everyone has a bag of chips and some eggs laying around in the kitchen. Within 5 minutes you can create some last minute tapas for some impromptu guests. Serve it hot as a breakfast or cold for tapas. Add onions and peppers for extra flavours and you can call it your own creations. I hope you enjoy this recipe!

  • Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Lava Cake

    Using raw chocolate is definitely not the same with regular chocolate.  It took me a few tries to perfect this recipe but I am so glad I made it.  This cake uses banana instead of eggs and also use oats instead of wheat flour.  This actually gives it complexity to the texture of the cake and the result turns out perfect every time.  

  • Cheezy QQ balls (Gluten-Free)

    This is an Asian classic that you can find in Asian Bakery across town in Hong Kong.  Its light, slightly chewy with a hollow center.  Usually comes with lots of flavours like Sesame, Chocolate and my favourite cheese.  I looked up several recipes and found it super easy to make and its actually gluten-free!  My kids are the biggest fan of these little treats and I hope you will like this recipe too.