• Hong Kong Style Curry Beef Brisket (港式咖哩牛腩) Three Ways

    Every culture has their own unique way to cook and appreciate curry. In Hong Kong, curry beef brisket is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the best way to enjoy curry. Believe it or not, we could trace the 'footprint' of curry dishes as part of Hong Kong's history as early as the early 20-30s, when the dish was first introduced to the locals upon their arrival as part of the British forces in Hong Kong. Gradually, curry dishes esp. curry beef brisket (咖哩牛腩) has been widely introduced to the local and becomes one of the must-eat dishes in Hong Kong. 

  • Air Fryer Chinese New Year Snacks Recipe

    Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Besides of earning red pockets (Lai See 利是), we love to celebrate this important occasion with our families and friends over food with different kinds of cakes (e.g. turnip cake or Lo Bak Go 蘿蔔糕), candies, savouries, snacks, etc. Calvin (@clai_eats) and I have decided to make a trip to Shau Kei Wan Market and do some Chinese New Year shopping, as well as buying some ingredients to make some easy and irresistible snacks with the use of air fryer. 

  • Hong Kong Claypot Rice Recipe: Hong Kong-Style Cooking Method with Italian Ingredients

    Claypot Rice (Bao Zai Fan or 煲仔飯) is a popular Cantonese dinner dish that is often enjoyed during the wintertime.  It is also one of the stable dishes that people often would enjoy when visiting in Hong Kong - just as how it is named, the dish is traditionally cooked in a claypot on charcoal stoves, with ingredients like Chinese preserved meat like Lap Cheong, fresh meats, seafood and vegetables. That said, you can literally add any ingredients into the claypot rice! 
    To show our appreciation in such delicate yet versatile dinner dish, @clai_eats and I have come together to spice things up a little by demonstrating the cooking of claypot rice in traditional cooking method, with several Italian and western ingredients we've found from Mercato Gourmet by Giando, an Italian supermarket place located in Hong Kong where you can access high-quality seasonal produce that are sourced and imported directly from small family farms and producers in Italy.
    With ingredients like Italian dried porcini, guanciale, salsiccia, truffle oil, we would demonstrate how you can still easily master this hearty dinner dish and reach the ultimate goal of having burnt rice crisp as the "finale" of this hearty enjoyment.