• Pork Belly Crusted with Potato Chips

    I had a bunch of kids over for a sleepover and I am determined to feed them something different than the usual chicken nuggets and pizza. Using Jeju Korean hormone free, free range organic pork belly along with Torres Iberico Ham potato chips, it was gourmet to the max and super well received with the kids. Of course you can do this recipe with chicken or even with spicy chips. I love this combo and the kids totally buy into the idea of potato chips crusted anything. Well, I like it as an adult too, late night snack anyone? I hope you like this recipe, I certainly had fun making it.

  • Black Truffles Potato Chips Spanish Omelette (Tortilla Española)

    My friend Wendy inspired me to make this Spanish omelette using potato chips. When I looked it up, it was so easy and it cuts off many steps from a traditional Tortilla Española recipe. I love super simple recipe and my kids will for sure enjoy the snack. Everyone has a bag of chips and some eggs laying around in the kitchen. Within 5 minutes you can create some last minute tapas for some impromptu guests. Serve it hot as a breakfast or cold for tapas. Add onions and peppers for extra flavours and you can call it your own creations. I hope you enjoy this recipe!